Forgotten feelings

сырые английские стихи с ошибками :)
All days and nights are getting lost in dreams
Fresh wind reminds forgotten fair tales.
How can today we catch our wings
If memory has died in deep falsenesses…
Don’t be afraid, just give your hand, believe,
I’ll take you to infinity of being,
Divulge you stars’ enigma to achieve
The harmony in every sacred feeling.
Just run or fly, just sing or cry, be free!
Just hear your soul, there is important secret.
Remember little child who wants to live,
Who is the wisest, sincere and realest.
And then you’ll see that life is our friend,
Where every tree and flower carries pleasure.
Where you’re the bit of marvellous wholeness
Through universe, eternity – main treasure! 
15 сентября 2007 г.
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